Fiona is an emerging Contemporary artist currently based in Sydney.

Fiona’s works recreate memories of historical and personal events held within landscapes, coasts and oceans and their elements such as ocean currents, coastlines, and tidal patterns.

Fiona enmeshes her studio practice with research and experimentation, through which are identified the themes, ideas, and processes of her works. Fiona selects physical materials drawn from significant locations, with salt water, evaporation of brine, capillary action of liquids, oxidation of metals, and digital images of oceanographic current plots featuring. Fiona extends the depth and meaning of these elements, creating a richness of texture and surface using mediums appropriate to the work such as the forms and voids of nails, staples, seawater, rust, and more conventional art materials such as photographs, canvas, textiles, graphite, shellac and pigments.

Fiona’s work has featured in art prize exhibitions including the Blake Prize, the Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award, the Fisher Ghost Art Prize, the Dobell Drawing Prize, Still: The National Still Life Prize and the Clayton Utz Art Award. Fiona’s works have been exhibited at a number of galleries including Annandale Galleries and the Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf and are represented in private collections in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Cairns and New York.


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